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Welcome to CAMP KOREA and thank you for visiting our website! CAMP KOREA has been the USFK USO’s best-sponsoring company since 2003 under the MOU agreement.

CAMP KOREA pursues continuous growth through constant discovery and development of new business items. In order to quickly respond to fast-changing trends and customer needs, we are unceasingly pioneering businesses in various fields, including telecommunication, food, jewelry, and real estate services.

For the benefit of our customers, we promise to move forward to promote success between the industries that can create a synergy effect. We hope that everyone gets much help by visiting our website.

Sincerely, Yunghui Nam


To do our best to support the soldiers who serve their country and the allies.

The front view of the LTG Timothy J. Maude Hall Personnel Processing Center


The Best Korean Phone Carrier! In 2003, for the first time as a mobile phone carrier dealership, CAMP KOREA made an MOU agreement with the USFK USO. Since then, we have provided satisfactory telecommunication services to the USFK soldiers, employees and their families, recording over 9,000 members as of 2021.
You can experience the best mobile phone service at the CAMP KOREA’s offline stores in Pyeongtaek, Dongducheon, Osan, Daegu, and Gunsan areas.
We also offer SIM delivery and online phone activation service to promote customers’convenience and safety, especially against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Please find more details on our service at the CAMP KOREA website.


Memories in South Korea M.S. KOREA was launched as an official jewelry brand in 2017,
opening its offline store in USAG Humphreys.
Our mission is to tokenize the beauty of Korea
and spread its originality around the world.
With the original design of M.S. Korea, you can cherish your special memories
in Korea and present them to your beloved ones.
Present the one and only M.S. KOREA’s jewelry to your friends and family!


The Best Sandwich you'll ever eat! Quiznos started as a small sandwich store in Denver, Colorado in 1981.
30 years later, we have been providing perfect meals
with the best taste and quality.
As the slogan, "The Best Sandwich you'll ever eat!",
we provide the best gastronomic experience
through our unique recipes and fresh ingredients.
Upon order, all menu items are freshly baked in the oven on the spot.


Music it real estate M.I.T Real Estate provides detailed and accurate information
on investment information in Korea, such as
rental houses, land, buildings, and houses for USFK officials.


Art Gallery Living Art Space Gallery SAM HWA DANG.
A gallery of artists that puts modern designs of more than
40 art genres into practical use, including traditional literary paintings,
calligraphy, Korean writing art, Korean calligraphy, and engraving.

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